Slice of Life 3

Today, I neglected the voices wafting up and down the stairs,

the doors slamming behind some old, brown Converse,

the unsigned permission slip, the readied lunch bag,

the see-you-tonights and have-a-good-days.

Today, Lennie died, and most everyone agreed it was for the best.

George did it to be kind, some said, others said it was selfish.

Only one said it just wasn’t okay to take another’s life, no matter what.

Today, I shared sweet tarts and Starbursts, and coffee,

the messengers of gratitude and taking deep breaths.

Today, I thought about tomorrow before the sun had even pinked the sky.

4 responses to “Slice of Life 3

  1. Oh I love your last line about the pinked sky. Is it one of those days when you want it to just be over, or you want more of it the next and the next?

  2. I love ramblings. I think I take comfort in knowing that someone else’s random mix can soothe my soul, whether or not I know all of the details and the essence of the ramble. I mostly know, I am not the only one.

  3. I like the structure of your post today… the free verse feeling of it and the repeated “today”. Lovely.

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