Slice of Life # 9

M & G’s Burgers’ enticement: milkshakes,
Red and phosphorescent,
Snares my brain.
I pass it, relentlessly,
But this moment, distinct;
Conjures a ghost.
Sitting at Hidenwood Pharmacy’s gleaming counter,
Sharing milkshakes with my mother,
Entranced by jeweled condensation beads-
That meander down the meniscused metal cup,
Reflecting my wonder at all that is held here.

4 responses to “Slice of Life # 9

  1. Love it! Definitely can envision the frosty milkshake and the communion with your mom.

  2. How interesting that you zeroed in on the milkshake! Yummy! And in good company too…

  3. Wow! This is so vivid. Talk about an economy of words to make me TASTE that milkshake and even feel its condenscation!

  4. Love the adjective meniscused. I don’t know I’ve ever seen it used like that before! Lovely image.

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