Slice of Life # 12

I like the word quagmire.
I can see it:
Muddy danger,
Looping around the q,
Threading through the u,
Sifting in and out of consonants and vowels,
Savoring its prey.
An inescapable predicament,
A spooling and spiraling swamp,
An unplanned interruption.
Not always welcome, it is an honest word.

9 responses to “Slice of Life # 12

  1. Who knew a quagmire could be such fun? That was simply delightful!

  2. I must say I will never look at quagmire the same again. I thought of it as a messy-deep-in-a-hole-unable-to-get-out kind of word – before!

  3. Love your poem – a tribute to all that is unique in quagmire. It reminded me of Robert Pirosh’s letter, “I Like Words.” I would love to share your poem with me students to have them imitate the idea with a word they find interesting. Would you mind? Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have that reaction to most “qu” and “cue” sound words. I thing it’s the juxtaposition of that hard “k” sound immediately followed by that soft “ya” slide into “oo” that dose it. Your post has me quietly but quaintly smiling.

  5. Love this! I would never have imagined quagmire to be so poetic!

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