Slice of Life # 14

Spliced into a motionless reel of cars,
I dream through a dusty window.
A soft green field-
Margined with yellow mustard blossoms-
Reaching towards a chorus of hills.
I imagine-
Life hidden beneath its grassy waving surface.

Above, alert,
A cooper’s hawk hovers,
Pumps its wings,
Perches onto a utility pole.
For one moment,
I witness this ancient negotiation,
The field and the hawk;
I am pulled away,
Awed by their silent agreement.

4 responses to “Slice of Life # 14

  1. “ancient negotiation” and “silent agreement” Loved those descriptions. I hope to remember them when I look “above, alert.”

  2. I love this little moment of a day dream and where our thoughts can take us.

  3. You used your time wisely as you were spliced in a motionless reel of cars. That’s a cool description of standing in traffic!

  4. Your poetry makes me smile every day. I’ve loved reading them. Thank you!

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